Day In The Life Of A Singapore Female Escort

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Ever wondered how a real life Singaporean social escort leads her secretive, double lifestyle? Here is an interview of one!

In this interview, we managed to grab hold of a local 24 year old Singaporean escort, who finally agreed after much persuasion, to do this interview under the sole condition of complete anonymity.

What does a daily life of a Singaporean social escort look like?

When asked how her daily life looks like as an escort in Singapore, this was what she had to answer, “The same, I am currently working an office job, so I just go to work as per normal. Usually during the afternoons onward, I will get a call or message from my agent, who will be contacting me about a booking in the evening or night.”

Basically, because she does have an office job in the day, she only goes to apoinments in the evenings and at night.

From an outsider’s point of view, the lifestyle actually seems pretty normal. This is considering most girls in Singapore also work an office job and then hang out with friends or family at night.

Choosing between going for an escort booking or personal outing

We then asked her the next logical question, which is how she decides to prioritize between going for a booking or a social gathering.

“Going for any escort job pays me a lot more than any other thing I can possibly do, so I usually arrange or reschedule my other things,” she replied.

She added that since most jobs comes in spurts and at random timings, she tries to go for all of them whenever possible. This has also meant that she needed to skip lots of parties, gatherings and dates between girl friends. That is a price she is willing to pay.

“I know not everyone will agree with me, however, money is very important in an example country-state like Singapore. Also, buying luxury handbags make me very happy!” she gleefully added.

How she deals with potential questions from friends or family

When asked how she deals with friends or family members asking what she is up to, she simply replied that she just says she is busy or needs to meet another group of friends.

While this sounds like an overwhelming simple answer to what many expect would be a complicated double life to keep up, it is true. As mentioned above, most Singaporean girls are either students or office professionals who then go out after school or work. Likewise, that is also the lifestyle of a female escort in Singapore. The only difference? The hanging out she does is meeting clients and making money.

In a nutshell, it seems that while it can feel that leading a life in Singapore as an escort can be stressful, it is quite the contrary. It is easy to cover up for one’s lifestyle, and besides, there is a lot of money to be made if one is hardworking and willing to go for as many assignments as possible.

Like the famous saying goes, a diamond is a girl’s best friend.