How To Ensure You Find Singapore Escorts Using Real Photos?

It can be frustrating to keep seeing escorts turn up at your place looking completely unlike anything their photos depict them to be. Thankfully, here are some real world tested and proven tips to help you find Singapore escorts who are actually using their real photographs, so you can make an informed decision before placing your booking!

First up, social escort girls in Singapore do not use full face photos. This is one of the things unique to Singapore when it comes to escorts. If someone sends you a full uncensored photograph of her picture claiming it is real, and she also claims that she is a local nationality girl in Singapore, then run for your money! Real local Singaporean nationality escort girls do not send their face photographs. This is regardless whether you found them through an agency or through freelance sites. This is because Singapore has a very conservative attitude, and the locals are even more so. Therefore, something as taboo as escort work may be shunned in Singapore, so virtually all of these Singaporean girls will never send their full face photographs. However, yes, they can send you extra photos.

Secondly, use some common sense and Google reverse image search it. Most fakers use images stolen straight from Google. A quick reverse image search will reveal if it is a stolen image. If you cannot find any results, it does not necessarily mean that it is automatically real yet, but if it is found online, then clearly, those images are fake and the girl you are talking to is not real photos.

Third of all, simply check out the reputation of the company online. For freelance girls, simply search for their names online and see if they have any scathing and bad reviews. If so, try to avoid them. If there are none, you can proceed to the other steps. If it is an escort agency, simply search for their reviews too. As long as they are registered and licensed, and have some good reputation online or you can find good reviews online, then you can move on to the other steps.

Fourth of all, just look at the images and see if they look too perfectly polished or are they a little amateur and rough on the edges. You ideally want images which looks like they were real, and not so perfect that it clearly looks photoshopped – because it probably is if that is the case.

Fifth of all, go with your gut. If the website and all looks legitimate and written in perfect English, and all of the above mentioned criteria are met, then it is probably real images. If the website looks severely outdated, images look generic, then it is probably fake.