Dating In Singapore Getting Too Tough? Get A Foreign Bride?

Vietnamese Bride

Is dating in Singapore really getting so difficult that finding a foreign wife is the only solution?

For the guys looking for serious relationship instead, possibly ending in marriage, this post is for you. There are lots of guys in Singapore who may be complaining about the difficulty of dating a girl in Singapore, and finding a girl who is ready for and suitable for each other for a serious relationship, and perhaps eventually marriage. Some people actually also attribute the high cost of living to difficulty of dating in Singapore and getting into long term love relationships. Inevitably, as a result, dating solutions that provide matchmaking services to even foreign brides has come up! However, are these services worth your time, and are they worth your money? Or should you take other solutions before even considering such an alternative?

First of all, you should first figure out what is the main problem you are facing when facing difficulties in getting into a relationship. Is it due to you having a lack of time in finding a suitable partner? Is it because no girl in Singapore seems to be interested in you no matter even if you drop your standards? Is it simply because you do not even like local girls? Or is it some reason like you do not know how to approach girls at all? Once you figure out the problem that you are facing, you will be better able to solve the issue.

Second of all, you are to solve your problem and find the right solution to it. Not every one should have the same answer. In fact, most people suit different types of agencies.

Find out what your problem is and solve it accordingly

Do you have a lack of time?

If you have a lack of time, chances are you are a busy executive or professional in Singapore. The easiest solution for you is to find a dating agency in Singapore which specializes in matchmaking services with local girls. These companies are basically like old school matchmakers. They find you dates, and you go on these private dates and then if sparks fly, you go on and have a relationship with one of these ladies on your own. In between you providing your full details and requirements to the dating agency and the dates, there is nothing you need to do. Do note you usually need 2 to 6 months before the first date. There is nothing to worry about if it takes this long. It is quite normal.

Do you not know how to approach girls at all?

If you do not know how to approach and communicate with girls in a way that makes them interested in you, then perhaps your solution is quite simple. Simply sign up for dating courses online, watch a ton of these videos on YouTube, or perhaps consider signing up to a local dating coach in Singapore. Some local coaches in Singapore include Marcus Neo and Modern Man Academy.

Do you not even like local girls and simply prefer foreign girls?

If this is the case, then Vbride and such companies are most suitable for you! It is far better than you going to countries like Vietnam yourself and finding a local company unless you are familiar with the local language, and do not mind spending years there assimilating into their culture or are in no hurry to date. In such a case, these companies or simply flying to the country you desire are the best solutions.