Seeking Local Singapore Escorts? Here’s A Quick Guide

Here is a quick guide for first time customers to Singapore looking for escorts. Here are some tips so that you know how to meet an out call girl, manage to get a social escort who looks like her photos, and that you do not stand on the wrong side of the law. Also we discuss briefly about how to make a booking successfully in SG too.

Where are the places and location area where you are allowed to meet an out call escort girl in Singapore?

Here are some quick tips for you the first time escort customer in Singapore. This is just a rough list, as every escort is slightly different, so make sure to check out the agency’s own website or girl’s own website FAQS before contacting!

For a full read on the type of locations in Singapore you can bring an escort girl to, go here to find out more.

However, generally speaking, the local Singaporean girls are not keen in meeting you if you want to meet a budget location. You can easily read most websites and they will publicly list such a disclaimer.

Next of all, while some customers want to meet the girl at a local casino either at Marina Bay Sands or Resorts World Sentosa, keep in mind that while the legal age for escorts in Singapore is 18, the legal age to enter local casinos is actually different, and is 21. Therefore, if you happen to be contacting one who is 19 or 20 years old, she will not be able to enter. Therefore, keep this in mind.

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Guide to Singapore escorts

How do you know if a girl is using her real photos?

If you want the full read on this topic, make sure to check out this article on how you can find SG escort girls using genuine images.

But in summary, make sure that if the girl or the agency states that the girl is a genuine local nationality Singaporean escort, then there is a 99.99% chance that the photos will be at least partially or fully censored when it comes to the face. It is a simple dead giveaway that a site is purely and blatantly ripping fake images if they claim that the images are fully uncensored but that the girls are real locals.

How do you stay on the right side of the law in Singapore?

If you are not sure, read this.

In short, when you are in Singapore, understand that public soliciting for prostitution is illegal.

Also understand that if you bump into an agency who is soliciting sexual services of their girls to you, then run away. The reason for that is because they are operating a remote communication device (their phones) and promoting prostitution to you – both of which are illegal in SG. This means if they get caught, your details, if still in their phones, will get investigated… Not very nice if you want to keep your privacy intact!

Here is how to avoid that problem. A quick tip is to simply make sure that the agency you are doing booking with is a registered one, and has some form of media presence, or at least, you can find something about them from legitimate sources online other than their own profiles (duh!).

Finally, how do you make a booking for a Singapore escort?

There are various different ways you can make a booking today for a girl in Singapore. You definitely want to check out the full article on how to make a booking for escorts here. We go really in-depth there on the ways you should make a booking in Singapore.