How To Increase Chances Of Dating Success In Singapore

If you want to increase your chances of meeting love and seeing better relationship and dating success in Singapore, you need to know stuff like psychological stuff when it comes to dating, knowing what to talk about, knowing how to dress and more. All those are easy and immediately applicable things you can put to use right away on your next date to see relationship success. Since these are actionable tips you can be using, make sure to sit tight, digest the following information and use it on your very next date!

Psychological tips

Step one is to simply lose and drop all and any expectations you may have for the date to turn out to be. One of the biggest issues that many men and women in Singapore face is that they try too hard to make the date end a certain way. For some Singaporean girls, they sometimes want a guy to figuratively sweep them off their feet, and then have unrealistic expectations for that. While that can happen, it almost never does, even in happy relationships and marriages. For guys in Singapore, they sometimes worry too much how to make the girl like them, that they act super stiff and awkwardly during the date. Such expectations of a date will only kill any chances of a potential happy relationship and perhaps even marriage. In fact, the only way to really succeed is to do the contrary – focus on enjoyment of the time spent together. It will automatically work out if both of you simply focus on doing that, and you two happen to match each other. If not, just be glad you made a friend or at least had a good time together, and go for someone else!

Step two is to lose any scarcity mindset you may have and adopt an abundance mindset. Some people tend to think that their date is the only person they will ever fall in love with, even though that is almost certainly not the case! How often have you or your friends think you can never get over someone, but then you or your friends do? It happens so often! Your mind plays trick on you. This is all because of a scarcity mindset. The moment you realize that, and start adopting an abundance mindset, you will not do stupid things like unrealistic expectations or trying to force dates to turn out a certain way like the above mentioned step one!

So now that we are done with the psychological stuff, let us move into some conversation tips for dating.

Conversation tips for Singaporean couples

Even if you two are on a sports date in Singapore, and can barely breathe, conversation topics are still a must, or you will be guaranteed of a failure afterwards and the other party will not  be interested to hang out with you anymore.

When it comes to conversation tips, I will only provide you with one – but this is a powerful one.

Try to listen more than talk, and use every topic talked about to continue the conversation if you so wish to. Most people learn tips like talking about hobbies, work and more. However, there is a finite amount of things you can talk about. However, if you listen the other party, and use each conversation topic to egg on the next one, it will simply not end and awkward silences will forever be a thing only in the past! Additionally, people love it when you listen to them. The biggest and most powerful takeaway for you is this – to appear to be interesting to your date, you need to be interested in them! So listen, people love to be heard!

Dressing tips

Dress for the occasion, and dress one notch above the usual dress code. Dressing right and dressing well has two benefits for you – they impress your date as well as help you be more confident.


Girls, have you ever felt ugly when you were wearing a nice evening gown and heels? Probably not.

Guys, have you felt shaky in confidence during dating when you are wearing a nice suit and a nice watch? That is virtually impossible to happen at all.

This does not mean to overdress or dress wrongly. For instance, if you are going to the East Coast Park beach of Singapore, you definitely do not want to turn up in several notches above the usual dress code – for example in a long dress for women or a suit for men.

However, if you are meeting at a place where most people wear smart casual for instance, you can turn up in formal wear. For ladies, this can mean something like a nice dress that you will wear to the office, and for men, this can mean something like a long sleeve shirt tucked into long pants and with a nice belt. By doing this, not only will you impress your date for sure, you will also feel ultra confident!

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